“The Trades”: Building Buzz, Making You Laugh

It’s still a rush seeing our first Crave Original comedy, “The Trades,” gracing the pages of The Globe and Mail’s “TV shows to watch” list and receiving such a heartfelt and insightful write-up. As a young studio striving to push boundaries and tell fresh stories, recognition like this means the world. 

The Trades stars Rob Wells (Trailer Park Boys) and dives into the world of blue-collar workers and their unique camaraderie, competition, and the chaos and hilarity that ensues. We wanted to show the heart and humor hidden within the calluses and grease stains, and The Globe and Mail not only saw it but felt it, too. 

But for us at Blink49, “The Trades” is more than just jokes and gags. It’s a platform to celebrate the underdogs, the skilled hands that keep our society running. It’s about showcasing the diverse voices and experiences that often go unheard, reminding everyone that laughter can be found in the most unexpected places. 

Thank you, The Globe and Mail, for seeing the humor and humanity in our hard hats. And to everyone excited about “The Trades,” we can’t wait to share it with you!