Wild Cards Dealt: Hello Canada Spreads the Fun!

We at Blink49 Studios are doing a victory lap with confetti in hand! Our hilarious new crime-solving dramedy, “Wild Cards,” just landed a coveted feature on the pages of Hello Canada.  

The spotlight in this issue shines on the brilliant Vanessa Morgan, who brings our quick-witted con artist, Max Mitchell, to life with unparalleled charm and comedic timing.  

The Hello Canada feature perfectly captures the spirit of the show. It highlights the chemistry between the leads Vanessa Morgan and Giacomo Gianniotti, the show’s lighthearted yet thought-provoking approach, and the sheer escapism it offers. We couldn’t ask for a better introduction to Canadian audiences! 

We promise to keep the laughs coming, the cases captivating, and the Miami waters choppy. And to everyone who’s caught wind of this feature, remember, “Wild Cards” premieres January 10th at 8pm on CBC and January 17th, 8/7c on The CW!